Blue & White Buck. Nathan has given us some very nice babies but because he is so closely related to many of our does we knew he wouldn’t be a forever fella here at our farm. It is time for him to find a new home. Nathan is a nice boy. He is not over friendly, but manageable, which I like in a buck. He has light brown/gold eyes. His Dam has marble blue eyes. In the year that he has been with us he has developed nicely in length and uniformity and he’s not done yet.








  • Date of Birth Apr 30, 2017
  • Color Blue w/ white midriff, amber eyes
  • Owners Goats Rock Ranch, Redneck Acres - Crystal Geering
  • Mother Redneck Acres Atta Tude
  • Father Redneck Acres Blue Chips
  • MSFGA 6287