Please remember GOATS ARE HERD ANIMALS and do not do well alone.  
If you want a happy goat be sure he or she has at least 1 friend!
Please contact us if you would like to reserve a kid! 
ALL Does start at $350.00 and go up according to quality
 Wethers start at 175.00  &  Bucklings at 400.00 and go up according to quality
All bucks will be wethered by 12 weeks of age unless we think they are show/sire quality.

We can always wether, OR NOT, a buck of your choice with a paid deposit. 

All kids will be wormed and manicured prior to pickup. 
A non-refundable deposit of 200.00  will be due within one week of reserving goats or you may secure your choice by using paypal
We will mark the goat(s) as “pending” once we receive notification of deposit sent. If funds do not arrive after 7 full working days the goat will be returned to available status
 Goats will NOT be marked SOLD until full payment is receive for said goat.  
Deposit is refundable only in the case of illness or death here at our farm

Balance is due in cash at time of pickup unless paid in full prior to arrival

Our animals are healthy when they leave our farm. We can not control the stress of transporting or the goats management & environment after it leaves our farm.
Therefor, we can not, and will not, offer further health guarantees or refunds
 WE DO NOT SHIP but are willing to discuss alternatives to transporting long distances
BUYER MUST have  appropriate set up for transportation of the goats or they WILL NOT leave our farm.  Be sure to bring a large – medium dog crate, stock trailer, pickup with topper, or covered back seat for transporting your new goats
** We reserve the right to change our prices as goats and their coats mature and or remove goats from our sales page at any time * We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason
Please, if you are interested in a goat that is not on our sale page, by all means ASK!  We are happy to consider all inquiries.

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