Redneck Acres DesiDooBDesirable # 5390

Miniature Silky /faints ~ 4/13/13

Redneck Acres Wispy Cricket #5389

Miniature Silky/ no faint~ DOB: 3/18/13


Sunny Pastures Gracie Mae #5391

5-14-2009 – no faint

Sunny Pastures Gracie Mae

GRR Angel of Grace #F5438

09-29-2010 – faints

 GRR Pansy Peek a Boo


GRR Marvelous Maggie

GRR the other sister Matilda “Tilly”

GRR Snowdrop Anemone

GRR Gretel hasa Freckle

Redneck Acres Blazen Glory


Our Ninja is not registered and as her coat has gone more sleek with age, she throws kids with LOTS of hair!!

02-09-2013 – faints