♡ Have you kissed your goat today ♡

GOATS are GREAT!!  They are easy to care for, fun & playful, very intelligent and loving. Food, water, a clean dry place to sleep with room to graze and they are happy – oh but they are VERY social animals & do get lonely. If you don’t want to hear constant bleating & have a distressed goat then a pair is an absolute necessity.  Goats are wonderful pets for children and if cared for properly they can provide companionship for 15-18 years.  They are sensitive and very loving animals that love to be brushed, pet and can even be taught tricks.  If you plan to get goats as pets, try to make a plan to keep them until they age and die of natural causes.

You know the saying “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”?  Well even fainting goats can put fencing to that test so a good strong one is a MUST for two reasons #1 to keep your goats & guardians in #2 to keep predators out! Hot wire does wonders for keeping nosey noses off the fence line!

We love the calm, sweet, curious nature of the Mini Silky Fainters. They are stunning animals. None of our goats stand more than 23″ at the withers and are easy to deal with when it comes to feeding time!

What we DO for our goats

We DO let them forage daily
We DO feed hay in the evenings
Winter months we supplement for the lack of greens with alfalfa
or a comparable good quality hay for extra calories to keep warm in the cold
We DO give a free choice mineral, soda as needed & fresh water daily
We DO vet our goats as needed ~ We only medicate if it is absolutely necessary

What we DO NOT DO to our goats

We DO NOT vaccinate our goats – our goats have always been healthy
We DO NOT practice preventative medication – if there is not a problem why introduce one by disrupting natural balance
We DO NOT feed roundup ready alfalfa