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Jersey Cow

 Traci 3-21-13

Traci is a wonderful A2 bovine with lots of personality. She is mother to all animals here on the farm & we all love her milk. We have raised all orphaned animals with it and had no issues.  She is grass fed & her milk makes THE BEST most moisturizing, soap you could ever want. Our recipes are all mild and the addition of her milk give our cakes a rich creamy lather.  It has become the only milk that we use in our products. We stay true to the fact that “Goats Rock” but in this case we believe the Jersey does too! Her milk far surpasses any goats milk products we have ever tried or made!


here is an excellent article explaining old breed cows & the difference of their milk compared to newer breed cows. I believe it is what makes it as superior as goats milk for all species of mammals here on the farm