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GRR Wee Thunderous Hansel MSFGA # pending

DOB 5/8/16  GRR Wee Thunderous Hansel

Dam: Redneck Acres Wispy Cricket

Sire: GRR Kajagoogoo

This little guy is going to be a dandy. Hansel’s got his daddy’s blue eyes and his “light black” color.  Kaja’s spots were the same color when he was just a tot as were Desi’s. They both have turned that beautiful brown to frosted tips.  Hansel’s should too. He has a lot of hair in his background and I expect he’ll have a nice full, extreme coat.  He will not be offered as a wether  500.oo  He is pictured here with his Dam & Sire (price subject to change as Hansel ages and his coat continues to improve)


Crickets Dam, Sire & Grand Sire


Kaja’s Dam, Sire , Grandam/dams side, Grand Sire /Sire’s side