For Sale 350.00

lu·na·tic fringe /ˈˌlo͞onəˌtik ˈfrinj/

noun extreme or eccentric minority within society or a group.

This kid has a beautiful coat, rating right up there with Nader. He is a solid well built friendly enough guy. Figure 8 disbudded.

Registered with MSFGA w/ many MCH in pedigrees. 

350.00 intact buck w/ papers (starting Price)

250.00 wether w/registration

175.00 pet wether w/o registration

 DOB 1/3/19

Redneck Acres Nathan MSFGA #6286 x 

GRR the other sister Matilda MSFGA #6817

MCH CMR Whiplash

MCH Sol-Orr’s Magnum

MCH Redneck Acres Lady Godiva

MCH Sol-Orr’s Maggie Mae