Sire: Redneck Acres Nathan #6287 DOB 4/30/17

Redneck Acres Blue Chips # 2770 X Redneck Acres Atta-Tude #2772

See does exposed to Nathan below

GRR Snowdrop Anemone x Nathan
1 Buckling

GRR Pixie Ultra Covert II x Nathan
1 Buckling

Redneck Acres Blazen Glory x Nathan
2 Bucklings

Sunny Pastures Gracie Mae x Nathan
1 doe 1 buck

GRR Marvelous Maggie x Nathan
1 doe 1 buck

Redneck Acres Desi DoBe Desirable x Nathan
2 bucks

GRR Benelli Nova

GRR Gretel Hasa Freckle

Redneck Acres Fidgits x Nathan
1 doe

Redneck Acres Hawks Hope x Nathan
1 buck









































GRR the other sister Matilda x Nathan


Sire: GRR Wee Thunderous Hansel # 6808  DOB 5/8/2016

GRR Kajagoogoo # 5388 x Redneck Acres Wispy Cricket # 5389

See Does exposed to Hansel below


































GRR Angel of Grace x Hansel = 2 bucks #1  #2









Hacker Hallows Sierra x Hansel = 1 doe